Dr.Y.S.R. Horticultural University Andhra Pradesh

The research activities of the university are organized through two main functions :

a. Project identification and formulation.
b. Project monitoring and evaluation.

a. Project identification and formulation :

The university has Research and Extension Council (REC) which meets once in a year to identify the research gaps and issues and guide the university in future research. Based on the feed back from the line departments and extension wing, the research projects are formulated on priority basis. Need based mandate is fixed to all the research stations of the university. In the first State Level Technical Programme (SLTP) discussions during May 2007, eight Thrust Areas were identified and accordingly, the research programmes have been reoriented towards ensuring optimum utilization of resources and to address the problems of the farmers.

The programmes have been reoriented based on the following indicators of prioritization.

     Need of the research proposal
    Relevance and practical utility
    Cost of affordability
    Duration of the project
    Adequacy of available infrastructure
    Expertise available
    Risk and probability of success.

b. Project monitoring and evaluation :

The research activities of the university are monitored by a committee constituted for the purpose. The committee visits every research stations once in three months and review the progress of the research work. Separate score cards for evaluating the performance of research stations and also the individual research project, Colleges and Departments have been formulated with 50% weightage to the main activity and 50% to the supporting activities.


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